Saturday, November 28, 2009

Animals With Superpowers

Animals With Superpowers (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Geckos are able adhere to any surface, except Teflon. With around 14,000 seta on each footpad, these hair-like tentacles allow the gecko to grip onto anything through some sort of molecular force (see the Van der Waals force).

Moose May Have Killed 63-Year-Old Woman

Police: Moose May Have Killed 63-Year-Old Woman

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

40% Of Food In America Goes To Waste

Friday, November 27, 2009

Adorable Animal Families

PHOTOS: Adorable Animal Families


Checking Out Thanksgivings Past - 1947
By Gordonskene Thursday Nov 26, 2009

Morgan Beatty: “Around the world today, the news reflects a hard discipline upon the people. In London, the Council of Foreign Ministers tries desperately to achieve a basis for peace. But as they worked, these foreign ministers, their government spoke in alien terms, through news events that hardly seem accidental. In France, the Communist controlled Federation of Labor has called out a million and a quarter French workers out of her six million. And not a striking union among them will listen to government proposals to go back to work. The French government has, with dramatic suddenness pointed a finger at Moscow. Not with mere paper charges but by direct action. Nineteen Soviet citizens in France have been deported for taking too active a part in French internal affairs. Today the Soviet government, stung to the quick, demanded that the French government produce the missing nineteen without delay at the Soviet Embassy in Paris. Supposedly that’s quite impossible now, because the nineteen are believed to be in Berlin.”