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Monday, December 21, 2009

Over the weekend, Washington D.C. was slammed with a massive snow storm. While this did result in some typically frustrating snow day delays, it also meant that First Dog Bo Obama got a chance to experience his first snow storm. And he really looks like he's enjoying it.

Video: Desperate House CAT "Move - Get Out The Way!" Roomba Driver Bitch Slaps a Dog pit bull Sharky

Rocky Mountain Endangered Species: 11 Plants And Animals That Have Become Endangered In The '00s (PHOTOS)
12-21-09: The decade's end provides a time for taking stock of the world around us, including all creatures great and small. With the help of WildEarth Guardians and Center for Native Ecosystems, based in Denver, we've pulled together a list of endangered plants and animals in the Rocky Mountains and neighboring Great Plains that the federal government has either protected under the Endangered Species Act or are on the official waiting list. Their stories are a mixture of hope and fear, and effective action is needed to secure their futures. Check out their stories.

Pugs Who Ate Owner Get New Home:
Police Say Dogs' Owner Committed Suicide

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Animals With Superpowers

Animals With Superpowers (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Geckos are able adhere to any surface, except Teflon. With around 14,000 seta on each footpad, these hair-like tentacles allow the gecko to grip onto anything through some sort of molecular force (see the Van der Waals force).

Moose May Have Killed 63-Year-Old Woman

Police: Moose May Have Killed 63-Year-Old Woman

Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries

40% Of Food In America Goes To Waste

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Adorable Animal Families

PHOTOS: Adorable Animal Families


Checking Out Thanksgivings Past - 1947
By Gordonskene Thursday Nov 26, 2009

Morgan Beatty: “Around the world today, the news reflects a hard discipline upon the people. In London, the Council of Foreign Ministers tries desperately to achieve a basis for peace. But as they worked, these foreign ministers, their government spoke in alien terms, through news events that hardly seem accidental. In France, the Communist controlled Federation of Labor has called out a million and a quarter French workers out of her six million. And not a striking union among them will listen to government proposals to go back to work. The French government has, with dramatic suddenness pointed a finger at Moscow. Not with mere paper charges but by direct action. Nineteen Soviet citizens in France have been deported for taking too active a part in French internal affairs. Today the Soviet government, stung to the quick, demanded that the French government produce the missing nineteen without delay at the Soviet Embassy in Paris. Supposedly that’s quite impossible now, because the nineteen are believed to be in Berlin.”

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Blingee jr
October 17,2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

BOOMER: World's tallest dog contender

Boomer, a 180-pound Landseer Newfoundland dog, stands with owner Caryn Weber at her home south of Casselton, N.D, Tuesday. The dog measures seven feet from nose to tail. stands 36 inches tall at the shoulders, measures 7 feet from nose to tail, and weighs 180 pounds. Weber will send his measurements to Guinness World Records for consideration as the tallest living dog. The previous record holder was a Great Dane that died this summer. He measured just over 42 inches at the shoulders.

Biggest Pooch In the World?

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Albino Animals

more animal photos

One Stop Shopping for Greening Your Home: Green Depot Has It All


Michael Moloney Animal Noises

14 year-old Michael Moloney has had a knack for doing animal impressions since he was five. He's now taking his talents to do work for an animated TV show in Canada. Watch his incredible mimicry: Read more


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Dusty and the Lion Bunny


The Lionhead Rabbit Site

"recommended standard for the adult is 3 3/4 pounds"

Dusty cat
13 years


Dusty of De La Vina Street

Friday, August 14, 2009

This week we learned that the average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child. The study was established based on the canine's language development abilities, as both two-year-old children and dogs can learn up to 165 words.

Smarter than a two year old! Cattle and Sheep dogs have the highest intelligence.

TV early memories

New York Times: Golden Age
Golden 1950s TV returns on commemorative stamps

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pit bull 0 - Porcupine 1347

This is so painful that I'm not posting a picture:

A pit bull decided to do battle with a Porcupine in the back of his house in Southern California..
But being brave and stupid, he learnt the hard way that he can't always win, no matter how tough you are..

A vet sedated the dog then removed 1,347 quills..
The dog survived, and hopefully learned his lesson..

Big ouchy!!! view at your own risk

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Australian Cattle Dog

The Dog People

Sydney Talia, the name we gave her, is a 2 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog


Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

William Etling tells us why Michael Jackson won't be buried at Neverland.
Rampant rumors of a Neverland museum and mausoleum ignore one major, King Kong-like issue: zoning. As a real estate broker in Los Olivos for decades, I can tell you right now, it’s not going to happen. The fact that he doesn't own it anymore is just a minor obstacle.

( Will Jackson be buried at Neverland, and will the property be turned into a Graceland, with Jackson's grave the central attraction? )

Craig Smith Blog

Michael Jackson's Kids Prince Michael, Paris And Blanket At Memorial (PHOTOS)
UPDATE: Paris Jackson also spoke. Watch her moving...
Homby Hills Mansion

Memorial at Jackson's boyhood home

#8 (Homby Hills Mansion)permalink


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Roxy dog of the week



Roxy muffin nugget schnarf! She is a wonderful dog! We love her very much! Roxy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Working Dogs

Sheep and Cattle Dogs

Blue Heeler survivor

Karta of Australia

Orangutan causes evacuation at Adelaide Zoo

Karta, a 27-year-old orangutan short-circuited electrical wires and built a make-shift ladder to climb a fence in an escape attempt at Australia's Adelaide Zoo on Mother's Day, causing the zoo's evacuation on one of its busiest days.

Steps in Woods
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chihuahua blown away!

Tinker Bell at 8 months with family

Wind-tossed chihuahua found safe; owners credit psychic

Tinker Bell has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked up the six-pound Chihuahua.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Porterhouse Wins Drake's Bulldog Beauty Contest After Runner-up Finishes, 'Congeniality' Title

(AP) For three years, Porterhouse was so close to the title he could drool on it. Now, the Beautiful Bulldog crown is his to slobber on for the rest of the year. After two runner-up finishes and one "Mr. Congeniality" title, Porterhouse finally nabbed "top dog" honors Monday when he was crowned the winner of Drake University's annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest in downtown Des Moines.

Porterhouse, a 4-year-old brown and white bulldog from Des Moines, beat out 49 other dogs from eight states to claim the title. The event coincides with the Drake Relays, hosted for the 100th time this week by the Drake University Bulldogs.

The judges weren't looking for the prettiest mutt in the mix. No, they wanted to see drool, bloodshot eyes and bowed legs _ and costumes don't hurt either. Owners slapped tutus, blonde wigs, goggles and all kinds of wacky hats on their precious pups.

Porterhouse, who finished second in 2006 and 2007, sported camouflage and an army helmet for the occasion

Monday, April 20, 2009

The castaway dog who swam SIX miles through shark-infested waters, then survived FOUR months on a desert island

7th April 2009
When Jan Griffith's beloved dog, Sophie Tucker fell overboard from her family's yacht she feared her pet had drowned.

But Sophie Tucker, a grey and black cattle dog, wasn't going to give up that easily.

The determined pet swam six miles through ferocious shark-infested seas to an island, where she survived for more than four months by hunting wild goats for food.

The extraordinary story of the castaway hound emerged today when Miss Griffith was reunited with her beloved pet.

'I thought I'd never see her again, but she's proved to be a dog who can really look after herself,' said Miss Griffith.

Sophie Tucker, named after the American vaudeville comedian, fell overboard from the family's yacht when they ran into bad weather off the Queensland coastal town of Mackay.

Miss Griffith and her friends searched the area, putting their own lives at risk in the rough seas, but there was no sign of Sophie Tucker.

Unknown to them, the dog swam towards remote St Bees Island, a quiet volcanic strip of land fringed with reefs.

MAP Sophie Tucker swam six miles to reach St. Bees Island

video: Australian cattle dog survivor, Sophie Tucker

Sophie is happy to be home. The tropical paradise was lovely, but she had only one thing on her mind, her humans, Jane and Dave Griffith, who were on a sailing holiday in the Whitsundays when the incident occurred, they were convinced there was no way she could have survived in the choppy waters.

"We hit a rough patch and when we turned around the dog was gone," Mrs Griffith said.

BBC has video here of the special Queensland Healer. "She surprised us all," said owner Jan Griffith. "She was a house dog and look what she's done, she has swum over five nautical miles, she has managed to live off the land all on her own. We wish she could talk, we truly do."

.. ..

Laughing Dog

)o( )o(

VIDEO: Blueberry Girl

Blueberry Girl -

blueberry girl